Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5

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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Death King Armor Kit in Hard Plastic!
14 days ago – Wed, Apr 07, 2021 at 05:03:49 AM

Yesterday a humble package arrived, its contents PLASTIC FRESHNESS!

I have in front of me today, the Death King Armor Set, crafted from the node 4 quarry monster, the King. Featured, in the Gamblers Chest Expansion.

I also have Nightmare Adam in plastic finally, but gosh does it feel weird to put it together! I think I’ll ask someone else on the team to do that and share it next time!

That means that there are only 2 more Armor kits to tool and the plastic side of the greatly scope creep bloated Gamblers Chest Expansion will be FINISHED!

Tho.. these new armor kits now span 2 sprues instead of 1, so really its a total of 6 more plastic sprues. @_@. I think that officially means that there is more plastic in the Gambler’s Chest than the core game, but who’s counting anyway right?

Gamblers Chest Expansion

This isn’t in print yet. We are still play testing and finalizing  gameplay. Since we are still waiting on those last 2 armor kits, we have a bit more development time to take advantage of! And after having delayed it this long, we are gonna take that time! I'll have a better sense of where this is for our May 6th update. Right now it feels so close, but I don't wanna over estimate.

Legendary Card Pack

We have approved the digital proofs and the printing process has begun! Next step will be approving a physical final. I think they said 55 days from approval of the physical final which should be here April 14th.

Kingdom Death 1.6 - Reprint

We also just approved the digital proofs and this is on similar timeline to the legendary card pack. Looking like 55 days from approval of the physical final would should be April 21st. This means our estimated May date isn't gonna happen. We will be reaching out to everyone that pre-ordered this to let them know.

The coins have been minted! 

Each has a unique serial code which will correspond with the person that earned the coin, so no two coins will be exactly alike.

Today's update will be kept short and sweet, I'll swing back around in a month (around May 6th) with more information, as there are so many things to touch on!  I apologize as its been quite some time since we've had an update, a lot of personal life events kinda went down. And while I have ZERO shame and am happy to share It will have to wait for another time.

Until then, happy belated Easter!

Wave 3.1 Fulfillment Update - Containers Stuck in Rail Yards
3 months ago – Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 12:13:27 AM

The impact of COVID-19 on freight and logistics has been incredible, setting records for the most challenging shipping season to date. Our lovely containers on both the US and UK sides of the world have been patiently waiting in a rail yard since last year to be picked up. We have been informed the situation is complicated and vast, covering both a lack of man power and the need to continue dealing with incoming containers so things can be unburied.

Being totally honest, I don't think we will see things moving until febuary. They are THAT backed up.

As it stands now, we are working around the clock for updates and to get these shipments released. Once in hand, they will be a priority at the warehouse to be put in your hands.

We understand the difficulty here and recognize your great patience.

We also recognize the increasing challenges in regards to fulfillment within the EU and have been looking for more warehouse partners since the middle of last year. For future shipments we plan on having more hubs, while the UK hub only handles the UK. 

Brexit and taxes are a hot topic right now and I assure you we are doing our best to mitigate it's impact on you guys.

In normal ass human terms. Between lockdown, the pandemic and brexit. It's a hot hot mess. But we are working like crazy to do our best by everyone here. Please have patience with us and give us the room to fix issues as they arise.

I am confident with enough hard work, things will got smoother.

Thank you. 

Black Friday 2020 - Wave 3 part 1 of 3 Shipping ASAP - Gamblers Chest Expansion Grand Overview
5 months ago – Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 10:19:47 PM

As of right now, Pinup Collections 1-5, Stone Faced Base Inserts and the hard plastic Satan are landing in fulfillment centers and are getting ready to ship! Please finalize your address and covering your shipping fee as we will start dispatching these December 3rd!

I apologize but due to the impact of COVID 19, the price of shipping and fulfillment around the globe has increased on every channel. As we are formally splitting this wave into 3 parts, we are aiming to absorb around 33% of the shipping cost, instead of passing them all directly onto you. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Here is what is fulfilling in Wave 3, Part 1 of 3:

- Pinup Collections 1-5
- Individual Pinups
- Hard Plastic Satan
- Stone Face Base Inserts

At this time we are not accepting add-ons or preorders for these items anymore. After fulfillment they will be available for normal purchase thru the KD web store! IMAGINE THAT, NORMAL TRANSACTIONS! WOOO!!!

Pledge Manager is Open!

The pledge manager is open! As always please pledge responsibly. Saavy backers might notice a pair of new pledge items that have joined everything else.

*Legendary Card Pack*

Indeed the time is now! The long anticipated set of cards that fixes a number of typos that have long plagued our community! The Legendary Card pack also includes everything you need to upgrade your 1.5 core game to 1.6. This includes some balance adjustments, some replaced cards and maaaaybe even a new card or two!

*The Legend Continues*

A member of the community suggested that we release balance / fix card packs like this on an annual basis and, I think it’s a really good idea! The main hold up on this card pack, was like many of the projects here at KD on me. I was trying to add too much content, which was dependent on too many other moving parts of the project and I let the scope of even this simple card pack get out of control.

As a way to resolve this going forward, the plan is to post balances and tweaks on our website, then have a cut off point wherein everything we have adjusted up until that point goes off to the printer and becomes the next card pack available to you.

Estimated Shipping date: Feb 2021

*Kingdom Death: Monster 1.6*

We are in the middle of a reprint for Kingdom Death: Monster had have decided to include the 1.6 updates with it. If you already own Kingdom Death, there is really NO REASON to pick this up. Please just grab the Legendary Card Pack.

However if you are looking to secure a copy of Kingdom Death: Monster you may pre-order it here, thru our backer kit store.

Estimated Shipping date: May 2021

Gamblers Chest Expansion

Estimated Shipping Date: July / August 2021

Wave 3, part 2 of 3.

(Ideally Goes into print production in February when CNY ends and factories reopen, 45-90 days in print, final samples meeting approval + 4-6 weeks on an ocean freight container.)

The Gamblers Chest has come a long, long way since 2017 when this kickstarter ended. Initially, a bonza box filled with miniatures and small rules sets, the fine nectar of ambition has blossomed it into a massive game expansion, our biggest expansion to date! 

 Some Last Minute GCE Additions!

Updated Lucks Fighting Art, Art.

Atnas Related Story Event

King's Coin

Our process is finally complete! King's Coin's will be fabricated each with a unqiue number and sent with a signed certificate of authenticity. They were earned by amazing fans that participated in the dark chef's instagram cooking challenge! We will unveil more of our plans with these community driven coins next year. Thank you guys so much you really made us crazy happy! 

And a fancy gold render, tho the coins will not be gold:

Campaigns of Death

In the not so distant future, we'll make a big update that brings everything that is in the campaigns of death together, like we did here for the Gambler's Chest Expansion. For today, we have a little work in progress of the Dark Flower Armor, a synergy armor set made from cultural exposure to both the Flower Knight and Slender man.

Hard Plastic Showdown Board

Just a few new renders as we continue to make passes on this. We have been slowly going over the board enhancing detail and ensuring the level of all the highest points are the same so that playability on it feels as good as it looks!

Alpha Showdown Tracker 

We have made another public release of the Alpha Showdown Tracker! Just like last time, it's available on our webstore for free for people that own Kingdom Death: Monster. Just put in the code IOWNKDM when you purchase it and it will make it free. 


This year was whack. For pretty much the whole planent! I don't wanna get it into, but let me just say I love you all and thank you for your patience and support. Our goal remains unchanged, to create the best experience we can muster! No shortcuts! Suddenly being unable to work in person, on a board game project was a challenge. I want to give a huge shout out to our new Game Dev team, fo really saving the day and providing us with a Virtual Version of Kingdom Death that integrates with database and tools. Our internal version of the Showdown Tracker is far more advanced then what we are releasing publically. Who knows, perhaps at some point in the future we'll have a full blown KD:M hobby simulator! But for now, the main focus remains on this Kickstarter and fulfilling the promises we have made. 


Oh and here is a tiny bit more!

Thank you for fans, backers and bakcers! 


Sacred Backer Time #9 - CAFFEINE + JPOP = WORK
6 months ago – Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 03:13:30 AM

Welcome to our 9th Sacred Backer Time update. This update won’t have any major bells and whistles, massive images or anyone copy editing it.

The last month has thankfully... been less eventful! Which means it was overall much more productive in terms of writing and development. My personal highlight, outside of work was doing a bit of skull painting on the roof with family!

Oh and the Dark Chef created a new stuffed pepper recipe. The smoked paprika really made it special! 

Gamblers Chest

Gamblers Chest is full steam ahead, its all I do besides sleeping occasionally, wrestling the giant rats that have invaded the office and exercising so I can be in top form for my next public appearance, hopefully at Gencon 2021!

I am currently giving the knowledge cards and philosophies their final creative pass based on our feedback and collective team decisions. Meanwhile monsters are being tested and tweaked, art for the philosophies are being arted (I think its like 80 unique illustrations for that!) and the last 3 armor sets are currently being engineered and added to the que for tooling time slots.

My hopeful plan is to have the development side wrapped up, just as the final plastics are tooled, tweaked and earn final approval. 

It’s all happening. Model by model, card by card and page by page.

Wen's "All should be Dust" for the Impermanism Philosophy Book.

NatKay's Outskirts Settlement Location (Scout Stuff!)

Legendary Card Pack

I have formally moved the more fussy bonus content I was trying to sneak in over to the campaigns of death, it made more sense there. We should have this out to the printer by the end of next week. Scope creep, my bad. ITS JUST A CARD PACK POOTS, LET IT GO TO PRINT!

Wave 3 Fulfillment!?

Pinup Collections 1-5 are finished and waiting to board a cargo freight to make their big trip across the ocean. I have been warned that this year is going to be the most insane year for logistics our planet has ever seen. I don't know what that means or how it might effect us yet. But consider yourselves also warned.

I’ll keep us all posted as I get more news.

Campaigns of Death and Wave 4

Work still continues on these, however they have not been my main focus. The campaign generation side of the strain system got a bit of a refinement, so we could ensure the content being made for the Gambler’s Chest was a bit future proofed (using Crimson Croc etc within the strain system).

Sky King Armor for Campaigns of Death (Sunstalker + Dragon King)

True Form Satan - Our must ambitious sculpture ever!

Hard Plastic Showdown Board

We are currently on the 3rd pass of the showdown board and have started to print and test physical samples, which have already revealed a lot about the design and where and how we can further improve detail clarity, variation and surface play feel. If all goes well, I hope to see this going into tooling before CNY (Chinese New Years).


Sacred Backer Time #8 - Faces for your bases!
7 months ago – Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 11:45:50 PM

Welcome to our 8th Sacred Backer Time update. This update won’t have any major bells and whistles, massive images or anyone copy editing it. In fact this is our shortest one yet!

With its scope creep now finished, the Stone Face Bases will be shipping with Pinups 1-5, hopefully in November! The box also now includes base bottoms too, a strange oversight but whatever!

We are trying to also get the hard plastic Satan's wrapped up in time for this round of shipping too, I will keep everyone posted.

Annnnnd that's it for today! I plan to be back in the next week or two with more!