Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5

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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Wave 2 Shipping Estimated to Start March 7th!
almost 4 years ago – Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 01:01:21 AM

Happy Valentines Day!
Captain Zach is currently sailing Wave 2 across the ocean. To celebrate, we gift you +1 Pinup in Pinups of Death 4 and reduced Wave 2 shipping costs!


Wave 2 - Estimated March 7th

Wave 2 fulfillment is estimated to begin March 7th. Some regions may ship a little sooner or later than that. Please ensure your backerkit address and method of payment are up to date as we will start charging for wave 2 shipping March 1st.

Wave 2 includes: Dragon King Expansion, Dung Beetle Knight Expansion, Flower Knight Expansion, Gorm Expansion, Green Knight Expansion, Lion God Expansion, Lion Knight Expansion, Lonely Tree Expansion, Manhunter Expansion, Slenderman Expansion, Spidicules Expansion, Sunstalker Expansion

Backers in the Asia Region
We will be shipping your Wave 2 rewards first. In light of this, please ensure your payment method and shipping address are up to date in backerkit ASAP.

Wave 2 Shipping Costs
We are eating the shipping costs and providing everyone with the absolute lowest rate we can. It’s the same as our estimate, but consider every expansion beyond the first on us! (In a lot of cases this is 50% off, since the majority of you got EVERY expansion!) Similar to what we did with our first kickstarter, we are splitting the cost of shipping these expansions with backers!

Oblivion Mosquito Hard Plastic
We got the first production sample of this massive and beautiful insect just in time for our update! Everything is pretty spectacular, except the detail loss on the large lower face. The factory agrees and revisions will follow.


Black Knight Squires

We’ve been working on the 5 year Squires Campaign that comes with the Black Knight expansion. Here are some renders of the unique group you’ll be playing, including the Weapon Smith that repairs the sleeping Black Knights Armor!

Female First Hero

If you want to campaign skip to Lantern Year 20, it'll be the female first hero you'll face! I decided to make her the stronger of the pair.

Pinup Mountain Dungeon Armor

I love Lokman’s character design for the Pinup Mountain Dungeon Armor. However, once we sculpted her… it came to our attention that all of the flowing fabric was distracting from her anatomy and actually reducing the feeling of vertigo we were going for!

The sculpting team and I worked on another version, bringing it back to bare anatomy which we thought would showcase the vertical feeling in a different way. Unable to decide which to declare a final, I’ve decided to put BOTH versions in Pinups of Death 4!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope everyone has a wonderful, silly holiday. Do something you love, like play Kingdom Death! We have launched a Valentine's Day sale on our web store, feel free to check it out.

And a Happy Valentine's Day from Lokman!!! 


almost 4 years ago – Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 12:03:49 AM

Wishing you a merry christmas and happy holidays.

May your gaming table run a festive red with the blood of your survivors!

In the spirit of the holiday I thought I'd share one of the more "interesting" Atnas mockups! Atnas is still a work in progress so this isn't final and may change a ton!

See you all next year!

Black Friday 2017 - One Year Later (Lantern Year 2!)
about 4 years ago – Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 01:08:18 AM


  • Wave 1 Fulfillment is complete for all regions but ASIA. If you have an issue please contact us here
  • Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 is now officially released and available here!
  • Wave 2 fulfillment estimated to start end of February 2018.
  • Pledges have been re-opened for black friday (check your email for details).
  • Pre order bundles are available thru backerkit. (link works now!)
  • Armor Kit Painting Contest, winners announced!
  • Expect a rolling delay on Wave 3 and 4.
  • Oh and we are having a black friday sale!


A year ago we launched the Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5. I had a pretty good idea of what I’d be getting myself and the team into. I recall a distinct feeling of anxious excitement. Trying to balance the unique mixture of creative spirit, physical creation, and practical finances into a careful plan to manage the campaign and its expectations from fans, team members, and vendors is a lot, especially when you’re putting something so close to your heart on public display.

And then...

You guys’ support blasted that careful plan straight out the window where it shattered into a billion little pieces, each of which exploded, metaphorically setting our studio on fire.

Today, I feel confident. No matter the challenge, we will rise to face it. Can’t figure out how to balance the pace mechanic with the scrolling terrain during the Screaming God showdown? No worries, we’ll playtest it all day and night until it feels right. Was your package sent to a distant moon and FedEx denies their access to a rocket ship? It might take us a while to leave the atmosphere safely, but we’ll go get it for you. Has the development of Advanced Kingdom Death: Monster been slowed because I’ve been too busy managing logistics? That’s okay, I’ll just delay it and train a logistics replacement to handle Wave 2 onward.

We (myself, the team, and you backers) have created a brand that doesn’t pull punches or cut corners. I want to bring you the absolute best I can muster, and I hope that’s a standard for quality that we continue to raise.

I’m both humbled and honored to continue being a part of this.

Wave 1 Logistics 

Backers in Asia. 
I owe you guys a huge apology. The onboarding process + time it's taken to move the rewards from the factory in China to the shipping location in Hong Kong has been insane. Ironically, our shipping partner has done a great job shipping out the expansions from our last kickstarter! I don’t have any excuses and I certainly will own up to it. I am just utterly baffled.

Next wave, I will ensure that your inventory leaves the factory first and I will bump up (whenever possible) the shipping service at no additional cost to backers with shipping addresses in the Asia region.

Backers in Russia.
This turned out to be fairly tricky. We are updating our shipping strategy to reduce issues getting you rewards from future waves. Those with ongoing issues, we will continue to work with you on a case by case basis to resolve them. Please understand that a lot of this simply is not in our control.

Pre Orders shipped Before Backer Fulfillment?
We had a case that effected 319 EU / ROW backers. Wherein the API garbled their orders and we had to cancel / repopulate them. I was unaware of the issue until after I had pushed preorders for those regions out. We got everyone’s order in a few hours later, but it was too late. They were added to the back of the queue.

Changes to fulfillment.
I worked like crazy for the past month to ensure that the order of shipments was as fair as humanly possible and to resolve any issues that came up near instantly. While it was mostly effective, I have to step down from this role and move back towards development. Next wave, we will be shipping everything at its most early opportunity. Meaning, if one boat comes in unexpectedly early (instead of holding it in active storage and incurring tons of fees) we are going to ship those rewards. To you guys, it might feel a lot more random. But to us, it will avoid long complicated calls and email chains trying to time and coordinate things globally, in partner warehouses. Oh yeah, and as I said before, ASIA gets shipped first next wave, even if it results in them having their stuff weeks before everyone else.

Wave 2 Status 

Wave 2 production is finished. The factory is currently in the last stages of assembly. These will be loaded onto boats in December which means we are looking at fulfillment towards the end of February 2018.

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 

Now officially released for sale via our webstore!

I hope everyone is enjoying playing. We have one hot fix for the Lion Knight Expansion, the villain card should read "cannot spend survival" instead of doomed. In 1.5 a doomed survivor cannot do anything! (This and the re-definition of action fixed a few ambiguous spots in regards to when a trap ends attacks).

 Download the hotfix here.

Roleplay Survivors
Here is a closer look at the new hard plastic role-play survivors that's included in the Lion Knight expansion (and of course for those of you that picked them up separately!) Once we had the scans we couldn't help but refine them further and pump up some details to make them more ideal for hard plastic!


Since we wrapped the Core Game, we have been hard at work on the many expansions we pitched during the campaign.

Gambler's Chest

Advanced KDM is my project and sadly it's taken a bit of a back seat the last month as I was heading up managing logistics for Wave 1. The last thing I was working on was the "collective cognition" bar, unsure if that will make it to the final but I will be returning to it at the end of the month!

I present to you the 3 Narrative Sculpts that weren't quite fleshed out during the Campaign:



And more!

For Gencon, we commissioned Elizabeth Beckly to paint a handful of our narrative sculptures. They turned out amazing!


Black Knight Expansion

The Showdown with the Black Knight takes place in one of the many ruined sanctuaries that dot the side of the inverted mountain. We've been play testing a pretty awesome showdown where survivors can be smashed thru rows of cloisters, slammed against statues that send them rebounding in a new direction and smashed straight off the side of the mountain.

During the fight, the survivors may have the chance to peak at the squires below the ruins to gain some insight on how to deal with their foe.

Hard Plastic Dragon Goblin

We had the pleasure of debuting this at Gencon 50 last august. Our largest model to date, spanning 8 sprues. Traditionally sculpted by Thomas David, once we had the scan of the model, Kieran McKay and I couldn't resist further refining and it bringing it even closer to the feeling invoked by its original artwork. The engineering is insane, its a model that truly represents the weight and insanity of our collective team!


Red Witch Expansion

Development on the Red Witch expansion has been going well! Clark has taken the lead on their monster programming and created a fast flowing and dangerous multi monster showdown. Version 3.2 is currently in testing, greatly simplified the mechanics behind their cloak to cloak transportation and implemented supporting trait cards (these are used so we can have more flavorful AI card, but still keep all 3 witches active each turn). The Witches share an AI and a HL deck, which is heavily flavored to showcase their cooperation. It's been a lot of fun to work on something so different!

Screaming God Expansion

The Screaming God Armor has been renamed the Alpha Armor!

For higher level armor sets we are pushing for stronger, simpler abilities. Late gameplay can get fairly complex, so were dialing up the STRONG and dialing down the fuss .

Currently testing the completed helm giving all non deaf survivors on the showdown board "double dash" ( long as the Alpha Armored survivor is alive of course)!




Screaming God Resources!


Oh and perhaps a little Parasite Queen?


Frogdog Resources!









More Monsters!


Titan Bee!?




Inverted Mountain Expansion

The final challenge of the Inverted Mountain campaign, the Mountain man is all tooled up in hard plastic!






Armor Kit Painting Contest: Final Results! 

The time for deliberation is over! The judges have cast their votes! At long last, the results of the Kingdom Death Armor Kit Painting Contest are here! And, in a development beyond all predictable possibility, we have not three ranking winners, but six! We received so many submissions of such incredible quality that we've created a whole additional tier of honorable mentions. 

To view all the competition's winners and our massive gallery of submissions, check out the Armor Kit Painting Contest: Final Results !

Boundless thanks to everyone who submitted for making the Armor Kit Painting Contest such an incredible success—the community's outpouring of enthusiasm and talent never ceases to amaze us! And be sure to watch this space for future Kingdom Death contests and giveaways! 

Kingdom Death Community Update

November's a huge month for Kingdom Death! Whether we're working on gigantic projects or sending thousands of games out into the world, this is without a doubt one of our busiest times of year!

In the past weeks, the Kingdom Death Twitter (@KingdomDeath ) has been bombarded by KD players new and old, showing off their copies of Kingdom Death: Monster or starting up fresh campaigns with the 1.5 Update Pack. There's been a flood of new unboxing videos, fantastic reviews, and kick-offs for Let's Play Kingdom Death series—we're totally overwhelmed! This whole frenzy makes it feel like the perfect time to share work from the extremes of the Kingdom Death fandom. On one end, we've got projects designed to ease in new players and kick off new campaigns. At the other, there's lots of work being done by diehards focused on what's to come. So, we figured we'd share just a few snippets from the KD community that caught our attention. 

Back to Basics
Whether it's you or your campaign entering into Lantern Year 1, there are tons of incredible Kingdom Death resources out there to help you on your journey. Here's just a few projects crafted with fresh campaigns in mind. 

Painted Meeple: Starting Survivors & White Lion
Want a personal guide through the earliest steps of your KD experience? Painted Meeple is there for you, having shared their Twitch-based guide to constructing and Painting the Starting Survivors and White Lion []. It's a great place to start, before diving into their work on a host of other KD characters and creatures.

Watch Kingdom Death Monster #1 Building Starting Survivors & White Lion - RPG - Tabletop - Board Game from PaintedMeeple on

White Lion Painting Guide from Updog Games 

Want your White Lion to really stand out among the murderous masses? Updog Games shares a phenomenal Painting Guide to the White Lion, walking hobbyists through all the steps of assembling quality tools, selecting paints, preparing a model for painting, basing a mini, and more. Whether you're a first timer or a veteran looking to compare processes, the Updog Games rundown is well worth a look!

Boards & Booze: Let's Play Kingdom Death Monster

The crew over at Boards & Booze just dove into the first part of their Kingdom Death: Monster Let's Play. Stop over to see how their survivors fared, and to see what beer pairs best with bone fragments through the brain! 

Darker Days Radio 1.5 Unboxing 

Haven't seen the 1.5 Update Pack from every angle yet? Well, here's one more vantage, a Walkthrough from Our Friends at Darker Days Radio, who just posted their take on all the minis, tokens, pages, and changes packed into 1.5. Take a look! 

Painting the Gold Smoke Knight
Want a little help on your new Gold Smoke Knight? True to their name, KDM Obsessed dove right into the 1.5 Update Pack and has already posted a stream of their work on KD's new uber-boss.Check out their Gold Smoke Knight and Other Kingdom Death Streams on Twitch.

Watch Attempting NMM on the Gold Smoke Knight come chill :D #kingdomdeath #miniatures #painting from KDMobssesed on

Vibrant Lantern

Lastly, a massive shot out to Vibrant Lantern, who have been helping players enjoy Kingdom Death with build guides, advice, tools and tricks since the game's earliest days. If you're a KD fan and you're not familiar with Vibrant Lantern, take a moment and stop on by. On the other hand, if Vibrant Lantern has helped you on your KD journey, tis the season to tweet! Send your thanks with them at @VibrantLantern.

Looking Ahead
With so many campaigns kicking off or getting a fresh injection of content, it's easy to forget that there's more—so much more—to come. Some fans have certainly kept their attentions fixed firmly forward, though! With the resin versions of several monsters already out in the world, you can definitely see who's excited to get their Inverted Mountain campaigns started! Just take a look at the talent of these farsighted KD fanatics! 

Frogdog Paint Guide 

The day of the Frogdog is coming! As campaigns' first challenge, the White Lion is a model we see at the heart of many projects, especially step-by-step painting guides. But, the tide's already starting to turn the Frogdog's way. Check out what might be the first, Step-by-Step Guide to Painting the Frogdog by Send the Eight ! You might not have use for this fantastic guide yet, but drop a bookmark here. Your future campaign will appreciate it. 

Black Knight Bonanza

With its grim armor and inscrutable anatomy, the Black Knight's become an instant favorite not just among KD fans, but with minis hobbyists at large. Whether you've already got your resin version or you're just eager for what's to come, you can check out Black Knights already getting equipped to take the field. Boing-Boing Shows Off an Impressive Black Knight shows an entirely different take.

 If you've got your own Black Knight (or you're preparing for when you do), Daemonicon's Black Knight Painting Stream takes you through the steps of preparing your own grim champion. Some really fantastic work by all these artful armorers! 

Award-Winning Mountain Man

 We haven't had many Mountain Men shared with us (hint—send us your Mountain Man pictures!), but after seeing David Colwell's Award-Winning Mountain Man on Cool Mini or Not, it's clear the bar's been set pretty high. Can't have this monster without his mountain—a feature Colwell works right in. Incredible work! 

Resin-Roundup from Jolly Roger Studio 


Need more painted previews of monsters to come? The Jolly Roger Studio's Kingdom Death Collection has you more than covered! There's a Black Knight, Gryphon, Mountain Man, Pariah, and tons more! If you haven't seen some of these figures painted, here's a worthy first chance. This is part two of Jolly Roger's Kingdom Death gallery, so be sure to also take a peek at Part One!

Now Playing
As much excitement as there is swirling around new campaigns or hobbyists looking ahead, there's still plenty of innovative Kingdom Death projects rooted firmly in the here and now. These are just a few that KD fans brought to our attention. If you have your own favorite project, though, be sure to share it with us at the Kingdom Death Twitter, @KingdomDeath.

TechRaptor Interview with Adam Poots
While we've shared a slew of Gen Con interviews over the last few months, Adam's conversation with the TechRaptor crew evaded us. But no longer! Join TechRaptor for a chat with Kingdom Death Creator Adam Poots and learn more about the game's creation, where it's been, where it's going, and what makes Adam say: "Are you kidding me?! That's not fair."

Twist Gaming: Twitch Plays Kingdom Death; Season 5, Year 1 Twist Gaming is back for a fifth season of slaughter with a new series of Twitch Players Kingdom Death. Whether you've just got KD and want to see how it's done, or you've been playing for years and can't get enough, the crew at Twist is ready to share their strategy, suffering, and success. Check out Twist Gaming both on Twitch and on YouTube.

Light-Up Lonely Tree

 Ryan Rubrico's lighting up the lanterns on his Lonely Tree model and the effect's pretty incredible. Take a look at the work in process he's posted of his Light-Up Lonely Tree. Brilliant!

Kolectiv's Dragon King Reveal
It's one thing to pull off an amazing paint job on one of Kingdom Death's most monstrous (not-so) minis, but the crew at Kolectiv gets additional style points for their ominous Dragon King Reveal Video. What's especially cool: it glows in the dark! Check out more modeling videos from Kolectiv on YouTube, including their guides, like this one on Painting Teeth and Bone, staring the Dragon King!

Custom Kingdom Death Case

For KD players looking to add further heft to their gaming experience, arod42 shares their process for creating a gorgeous, Custom Wooden Kingdom Death Case. The steps are intense, but the end result is absolutely beautiful! We love it when KD overlaps with our players other passions, so, if you've undertaken a cool KD-related project that you want to share, be sure to send us a tweet!

1/8 Scale Pinup Male - Alpha Armor

This turned out too amazing for words. Rest assured we will do EVERYTHING we can to ensure this translates over to miniature scale, capturing and retaining the feeling that makes this sculpture so damn excellent!





Wave 1 Fulfillment Update - Happy Halloween!
about 4 years ago – Wed, Nov 01, 2017 at 01:53:18 AM

Happy Halloween everyone!

We have updated our online build guide with many more models!!!

I wanted to chime in with a quick and more detailed status update of where we are with wave 1 fulfillment.

As of now, we have shipped over 15,000 packages around the world! That's not bad considering we started our fulfillment efforts about 2 weeks ago!

Fulfillment Centers Currently Shipping Rewards

USA Warehouses - handling USA and South America
Canada Warehouse - handling Canada
Australia Warehouse - handling Australia and New Zealand
UK Warehouse - handling all of the EU (excluding Germany and Austria) and the entire rest of the world.

Delayed Fulfillment Centers

Hong Kong - handling Asia
German Warehouse - handling Germany and Austria

Although containers were schedule to be delivered to each center at around the same time for as close to simultaneous fulfillment as we could manage. We ended up with some delays. I am hoping to see these start to fulfill early November.

Failed Credit Card Charges
We are running cards as often as possible, due to wave shipping being a new feature for backerkit (that they built just for us!) it's a little complicated and it takes their dev team some time to process it. As of now, we have only 500 more people to track down for their shipping fee! That's pretty amazing statistically! If you have updated your card and it hasn't been charged yet, or your card has failed, don't worry we are getting to you.

Late Backers
Late backers are at the end of the shipping que for each region. So far we have started fulfilling rewards for late backers being shipped from USA warehouses. Each region will follow as orders are processed and I continue to see the successful deliveries of packages to backers!

Pre Orders
Pre orders will be shipped following late backers. Most likely by region. I suspect this to start late November! Once these start to ship, we will close pre-orders leading up to our full retail release.

If you have an issue, concern or a question. The kickstarter comment section is not the right place to discuss it. Please respect everyone and message us directly, or best yet, submit a ticket here: 

We are standing by to do everything we can to help you. However, I will kindly remind everyone that we do not support the sales or transfer of pledges or issues that arise from that.

If your really stuck, you can escalate your issue with me directly, email me at adam.poots AT Please use this as a least measure tho!

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

 We also had a halloween sale on the webstore!!

about 4 years ago – Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 01:57:38 AM

Log in to your Backerkit account, finalize your address, and pay your Wave 1 shipping fee!

Wave 1 Consists of the Following Rewards:
- Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5
- 1.5 Upgrade Pack
- Hardcover 1.5 Core Game Rulebook

USA & South America Fulfillment

Shipments are begining now. The sooner you confirm your address, the sooner I can get your Wave 1 rewards out the door!

Everywhere Else

We estimate beginning shipments by the end of the month. Currently we are waiting for the transport ships to arrive in their ports and for the inventory to be moved to their respective warehouses.


Right now, it is CRITICAL that everyone confirms their shipping address and pays their shipping fees. Once you confirm your address it will be LOCKED, there WILL NOT be an opportunity to change your Wave 1 address. Please make sure that you’ve included apartment numbers, spelled everything correctly, and that your address is in English.

We will confirm your shipping addresses again for future shipping waves.

Our support team is available to help you at


We do not support the sale or transfer of pledges. Neither do we support the sale or transfer of Kickstarter or Backerkit accounts. Do not do this, we cannot help you with this in anyway!

Wave 1 Shipping Fee

I have lowered the shipping costs for many regions. I was able get slightly better shipping rates and I decided to eat the difference!

When Will I Get My Treasure?

I am doing my absolute best to coordinate everything so everyone receives their Wave 1 rewards as close to one another as possible. I am handling it myself, as no one cares as much about getting these games into your hands as I do. (Well except for maybe you guys!)

It's pretty insane. I am working with 10 warehouses and total of nearly 20 40-foot-long containers being shipped around the world—and that's just for Wave 1!

I ask for your patience and understanding. If any issues arise, you can rest assured that I’ll aggressively work to resolve them. My goal is to have everything shipped by the end of the month. That is not a promise, though. As often occurs with logistics, a minor delay can lead to much more downtime. In fact, here in the States we were held up by a week due to a driver shortage.

At the end of the day, I am still honored, humbled, and eternally grateful that Kingdom Death has developed as it has. Maybe one day I'll show off the original Twilight Knight sculpt from back when making just a single miniature felt impossible.

Now... nothing feels impossible!