Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5

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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.

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Sacred Backer Time 1.5 Edition #1
over 1 year ago – Sun, May 17, 2020 at 12:22:19 AM

Hello Everyone! I am capping this little update at around 2 hours, it won’t have edits, massive images or any of the bells and whistles that some of our updates have.

I am committed to doing this for today and the next 3 weeks, so we’ll see how it goes! (After that I will prob move back to updates when we have significant news to share.)

This is not an open question session. I won't be lingering to answer every question, but I will do my best!


Pinups of Death

Moving forward ASAP with the Pinups of Death collections. I have finalized the content that will be going in each one and assets are already coming in! For example, set III will come with some new universal numbered cards!

And another will have a bikini variation of an armor piece! (Armor rating 0 of course.)

Stone Face Base Inserts

I couldn’t find the scan data for the 50mm face base, searched high and low for it! But that’s ok, we are making 5 fresh 50mm bases and a fresh 100mm to go into the Base Insert Pack. I Think we’ll also sneak in a lantern or two onto the sprue for base decorations. 

We are also gonna add a few more 30mm variations just to spice it up a bit. So there will be 16x 30mm bases in the pack instead of 10. Enough to base 4 groups of survivors!

I am aiming at finalizing that and moving it into engineering next week. So if we push as hard as possible, it might be ready for tooling… End of May? We’ll see!

Showdown Tracker

The Showdown Tracker continues to make steady progress. I uh… might have slightly tormented one of the dev’s as I was VERY insistent on ensuring the dice manipulation felt much better. I even took 10 mins out of the day to record some videos and create sound effect clips for him to cut up and use.


I’ve got someone finally assigned to cleaning up our website a bit. Right now the way it's structured, adding something simple like a link to in the main nav was a huge pain in the ass. Pretty silly! All the changes are under the hood, but it will allow us to do things like, quickly deploy a section to show off entries from the fan art contest.

Titan Beeeeeees!

The team has selected, reached out and packed up the Titan Bees for a select few to paint! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM, THANK YOU!!! TAKE CARE OF MAHBEEE!

Fan Art Contest

Speaking of which, the rules for the contest are come along! It's getting wordy, but that’s just how it has to be to ensure everything stays cool. I was hoping to roll that out today, but looks like it’s not quite ready yet.

Crimson Crockery

The Crimson Crockery came out pretty amazing. Another fantastic piece by Nat Kay Cochran. I am soooo thankful to her! Maybe next week I’ll share with you the endless noodling and long winded challenge that Atnas was. Towards the end it was just Nat Kay and I rapid firing edits back and forth. Im not sure if I mentioned it before, but she is the artist that illustrated the King!

And a darker invert version, not sure which I like more yet:

Kings Coin

Sculpting on the coin has begun! Here is an early WIP. No final design for the back yet.

Blue Collar Survivors / Everyday Heroes

The blue collar / everyday heroes survivors will be a boxed set of plastic survivors + artwork. All profits will be donated to COVID relief program(s). Stay tuned for more details! I have yet to decide on a final name for the set and I am open to ideas. While Everyday Heroes is compelling, not everyone delivering packages, driving public transit or working on the front lines feels heroic. Most of them are just doing their job while many of us do our part and shelter.

To me tho, they are heroic!!! SO THANK YOU!!!

Ivory Dragon

Slowly it nears completion!

Enjoy your weekend!

Indoors of course!!!!

Wave 3 - 2021
over 1 year ago – Mon, May 11, 2020 at 02:17:03 AM

I am extending the timeline to ensure the quality of the project is not compromised for any reason. Please temper expectations as my demands and global circumstances will cause delays, pushing us into an early 2021 delivery date.

Why are you delaying again!?

Twofold, internally, the additional content I added to the Gambler’s Chest and Campaigns of Death are not yet complete. We can also confidently say that manufacturing and logistics will be profoundly affected by the pandemic facing the world.

You can’t keep delaying forever! This isn’t right to the backers!

In light of your excitement, I sincerely apologize. However, I will delay any aspect of this project until it meets my personal satisfaction. This includes scrapping and recreating assets or adding more content where I see fit.

Don’t you feel bad about this at all?

Of course I do! I wistfully pass the hard plastic Dragon Goblin in the office everyday and it breaks my heart that you guys aren’t being ground into bird food by it! Looking at it and comparing it to say, the original Crimson Crocodile... is what made me realize WE HAD to resculpt the Crocodile. To me, it just did not stand up at the same level of quality of the rest of Kingdom Death. Here is the original croc for everyone to see:

It is with deep respect and love for the project, which includes the team, myself and all of you guys, that I continue to push things so hard. And yes, that can really add to the amount of time it takes to complete any detail of the project as a whole. It took over a year to Sculpt the Gambler by hand, and I can’t think of any other project crazy enough to pursue its own vision like Kingdom Death. And I love that!

What I can say now though, is that the end is in sight, the sheer mountain of work has come down, and I humbly ask you to wait so we can do this right.

Covid 19

Here in NYC the departure from normal has been extreme and the last 10 weeks have sucked big time.

Initially, I thought I could transform some part of this into an opportunity. An empty office with no distractions was extremely enticing! I was going to get SO MUCH DONE! Turns out trying to be happy and productive while sirens blared around you 24 hours a day and your city shut around you was overly optimistic. First, scrambling to settle the parts of the team that can work remotely, delivering supplies, adjusting to life without school or childcare, shops, restaurants, our team, our extended family and friends, disinfecting groceries and incoming packages, and tackling sudden loss, have all taken, not just mine, but everyone’s time and energy. Time that has been essential to take.

The safety of our team is paramount to us.  We are complying with all safety guidelines outlined by the CDC, NYC and NY state. In NYC that means Kingdom Death HQ has been closed from the middle of March and continues to be shut.

Despite our closed doors, we are fully supporting our team, including those that cannot work due to the city’s mandates.

I am 2…maybe 3 months behind where I expected to be at this point in time. The extension reflects that and adds some padding as we continue to figure out how to effectively steward the project under lockdown.

All of this feels… does not feel good Poots.

You are right. And it is 10 billion percent my fault. Please direct all your frustration and disappointment directly at me.  The entire planet is struggling and I should have reached out to you guys much sooner.  I will own that.

I also extend a personal invitation to anyone that wants to bend my ear for any reason. Be it related to Kingdom Death or personal. I am here and I will listen. Just send me a direct message or email me at adampoots [at]

Kingdom Death Communities

I appreciate, admire, and value the communities that have built themselves up around Kingdom Death. Thank you, your voices are heard. I do feel however, that I need to make it clear that I am not looking for any official community involvement or play testing at this time. I look forward to a point in the future wherein that can be a reality. But I cannot take on, nor oversee any more projects at this time.





Thank you.

Kingdom Death is not going anywhere. My commitment to the project, to you, to the team and to myself is unbreakable.

And finally, please allow me the humble honor of sharing!

Wave 3 - Gambler's Chest

Let's start with what's left. The King showdown needs to move from notes to playtesting. The Smog Singers are waiting for a polish pass from me, Godhand is also waiting on me for tuning before it hits the table again. The art orders for the new story events are in and are slowly being finished. Collective Cognition, The Scout System and the Philosophy system all have an incredible amount of testing data at this point and I need to make refinements to the system before pushing them back out to the team. Oh and Atnas is pretty much picture perfect!

Manufacturing-wise here is what's left: The Bone Eaters are waiting on their custom bases, Nightmare Adam is in queue for engineering (thats the process where we draft and split the model for plastic production), The Smog Singers Armor, King Armor and Crimson Crocodile Armor are all currently being sculpted and will be in queue for engineering and tooling asap. Everything else is finished and production on them has been completed. They await their last few plastic sprue friends to complete this massive set!

Wave 3 - Campaigns of Death

Whats left? The Dung Beetle Baron needs his massive dung ball! Debating on adding a Devilweed Slenderman (so pleased with the Verdant Lord its hard to resist!). The 3 hybrid armor sets need to be sculpted (2 of them have approved artwork).

Development-wise there is a tremendous amount of testing data on most campaigns, I need to review it again and start to make updates. Then some of the story events need tweaking and a better KD lore pass. Thats the kinda thing that generally only Anna or myself can tackle. There are about... 20 pieces of art I am still waiting for, for the book too.

The strain system is looking good! I am very pleased with it so far. As I tie up the campaigns from the book, I expect the rest of the strain system to fall into place. The strain system is after all, an extension of story telling and being in that mindset really helps me to define and create the unique feeling highlights these cards need. The overall rules need a pass too, right now they read a bit "crunchy".

Wave 3 - Pinups of Death

We had a few last minute tooling updates. The Pinup DBK had some warpage issues making her hard to assemble. The Pinup Black Knight was missing a piece from the sprue! Beyond that, all of this is 100% complete! I know it will sound crazy but I kinda forgot. lol! Towards the end of next week I will push forward with finalizing the box art and the little includes for these sets, and well, get this out the door! I am fine with breaking this off ahead of the rest of Wave 3.

Stone Face Base Inserts

I am going to aim to include these in the broken off wave along with the pinups of death. They have not been tooled yet, but it is a simple project compared to a set of miniatures.

Legendary Card Pack

The contents of the Legendary Card Pack have been finalized and await production! Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions or highlighted necessary fixes, your feedback has been taken into account. Just so you guys know, I have delegated the card pack to the team. They are moving it forward with just my approvals, so it can be one of those projects that gets finished and I don’t keep held up, trying to cram in extras indefinitely.


I love this thing. I really do. That's it, it’s gonna be our next shirt. Oh yeah! The T-Shirt guys on our block are still operating! They got special permission from the city since they are making masks! Anyway, I want to share that love. Can we please pick out 5 painters that NEED this Bee? We will ship these out to you if you share what you get up to on Instagram!

Showdown Board

We've been hard at work, busting our brains over how to bring everyone the very best showdown board. It must be gorgeous and it must be playable without a hitch. After much deliberation and experimentation, we have decided on the following (and yes this is STILL subject to change):

  • Each tile will be individual, instead of baked into a larger plate.
  • The height of the tiles is about 15mm, I wanted them to be tall so we could have DEEP details and create really pretty relief work.
  • There will be a lattice of sorts so that each tile can be placed snuggly the perfect distance apart, which is a little bit further than the grids between the tiles on the showdown board. Making the overall showdown board a little bigger, but the luxe feeling is perfect.
  • Each tile will be treated like its own separate tiny project, to ensure that even as a stand alone it’s gorgeous. They will also be numbered so you can set them up just like the final renders.
  • Some tiles will be multipart, to ensure we nail the particular effect of that tile.
  • With every tile being separate and removable, it opens up the possibility for terrain...

Here are some renders! We are not 100% finished yet, but it is getting closer and closer every day!

The Kings Coins

Thank you to the genius that made this! 

I really liked this idea! I thought it was a fun version of the vouchers issued by other businesses currently unable to operate. The reason I pulled them so quickly was two-fold. We didn’t have the technical solution in place to make it worked like I wanted AND it caused tension for a part of our community. Things are hard right now, I didn’t want to be the cause of more concern for anyone. Anyway, what’s done is done. The coins have been collected, and for the overwhelming amount of fans who messaged or emailed me who loved the idea of a King’s Coin…they have been re-minted and I present them to you anew:

  • The Newly Minted Kings Coins will be a physical coin produced by us in either resin or photoresin. They will be shipped to the receiver along with a certificate of authenticity.
  • They will not give you early access to releases on our web store.
  • They do not have monetary value as a gift card.
  • They can be, old school, mailed in and redeemed for an exclusive deathgrey resin miniature that has no game rules. The miniature will be revealed during or leading up to our Black Friday sale.
  • This exclusive miniature will be made on demand to ensure that supplies do not run out during its redemption period.
  • King's Coins are earned under specific changing circumstances. We may offer one to a fan that shared an amazingly painted Kingdom Death miniature with us, we may run contests with them as prizes. And we may offer them to fans that help monetarily support bold new directions, unrelated to this kickstarter, that the brand experiments with. (For example, a line of housewares, a video game or 1/8th scale model kits!)

Of course there is no need, nor pressure to redeem your King's Coin. As an owner of one, you are more than welcome to keep it has part of your collection and KD's history.

Offical Instagram & Fan Art Contest

Without the opportunity to meet face-to-face, we have launched our official Instagram, @kingdomdeath! While the team has been holed up, we’ve been using this platform to keep in touch with each other. While perusing through the models you’ve painted, the campaigns you’ve played, and the many many horrible deaths you’ve experienced, a certain piece of easter fan art caught our eye. @robot_jones_‘s Rawhide Bunny Survivor Easter fan art! And so we made Fan art of fan art! the team had a blast sculpting her!

We are formalizing rules for a fan art contest so we can formally do more! Oh and you guessed it, this contest will be a way for some people to earn a King’s Coin, among other prizes.

How is your pandemic going, Adam?

Social distancing +1 insanity. Locked down NYC +1 insanity. Social game. Board game. Pandemic. Remote play testing. Sirens all day long +3 insanity. Family might get sick +3 insanity. Why does everyone keep buying toilet paper? Uncle in Ireland Passed Away. Alone in Office. Anxiety. Must channel into something productive. Animal Crossing. Breathing Exercises. Tom Nook +21 insanity. Skype Parties. Zoom Birthdays +12 isanity. Grateful for the home gym. TURNIPS +10,000 insanity. FF7 Remake. Why is Tifa so skinny +7 insanity? SO MANY BELLS. Limit Break. Staycation. Insanity Limit Surpassed. TOOOM NOOOOOOKKKK. BRAIN EXPLOSION!!!!!

I’m gonna be honest. I felt immense pressure to help our team and you guys play KD:M with friends and loved ones that shouldn't or couldn't leave their homes. I wanted it to be on brand and to be something we could build towards and maybe grow into a larger part of the whole.


Kingdom Death: Showdown Tracker 0.1A?!

 So I hired a pair of talented developers.

They are developing software, to help bring us back to the table safely. Something that will inject some feeling and fidelity, more than a webcam, a google doc and Skype. I love those things, but we needed to improve and fast.

We want to share what we’ve made so far with you. We are making our experimental Showdown Tracker Alpha (PC and OS X) available to anyone that owns a copy of Kingdom Death. Find it on the shop now and enjoy some help with your socially distant KDM. Please make sure you login to your shop account so we can more accurately track interest in the project. Much exciting! Oh and the budget for this is purely coming from the resin sales from the store. Nothing to do with the kickstarter funds.

Here is the  Showdown Tracker.

Discount Code for KD:M owners: IOWNKDM

For now, the Showdown Tracker will remain very simple and aim to have the following features:

  • Virtual Board and the ability to move a camera around it.
  • Ability to move miniatures on virtual board.
  • Miniature Rotation! woo!
  • Miniature Knockdown! yay! (K)
  • D10 Rolling.
  • Hit Location Dice Rolling.
  • Simple Chat.
  • Local Hosting.
  • Client Side Hosting (you will need to forward port 8080 or use software like logmein hamachi). Also please do not share your IP with anyone you don't personally know, or post it online!
  • White Lion.
  • Starting Survivors.
  • Monster Controller Panel.
  • (future) 100 mm Base and 120mm Base to track larger monsters position.

Right now most of these are in place and better yet... they mostly work! woo! 

The team has been insanely excited about this development and I must admit. I am too! Our developers are great and beyond directing I can safely say that this is taking a minimum amount of my time. We are at the very beginning of something new! I intend to get the Alpha as polished as possible and we will all just see how it goes!


Thats right. It's coming back! Starting next Friday, every week for a month I will be making an update. Even if I don't have... anything to share or say! I am deeply uncomfortable communicating unless I feel ready and so, I do this because I care and because I understand that it has been a long time. I get it. I want you guys to feel as good about the project as I do and I know the only THE ONLY way to really bridge that gap is more communication for the time being.

So I'm gonna do it. I'll cap the update time to 2 hours of my time spent total. And I will just share whatever I can and if there is nothing well, I'll tell you about that too!

I think that's really about it. Tomorrow I will wake up and work on Kingdom Death. The day after that I will wake up and work on Kingdom Death. The day following that I will wake up and work on Kingdom Death and so on and so on and so on, until the day a small, easy to carry package arrives at your door. And then your delivery man will thank you for it not being too heavy. And while I am still working away on Kingdom Death, you will be unpacking and hopefully enjoying the contents of a small, modest sized box. And hopefully you won't have to fucking disinfect your packages by then!

Oh, did I ever tell you guys about Questing Lucy? I started painting her but never finished!

P.S. ACK! I forgot to add the really dank Sky Armor hybrid Armor that is going to be part of the Campaigns of Death! Here is the artwork for it real quick!


P.P.P.S. Oh Yeah! We finished the Possessed Twilight Knight Crossover and will be fullfilling it for Ninja Division / Soda Pop miniatures. 



over 1 year ago – Sun, May 03, 2020 at 02:07:40 AM

Congratulations Frosthaven! You have reached the summit and now its time for us to show our support and help blast you into raising the bar for kickstarter game campaigns! And while I personally did not enjoy Gloomhaven and know that Isaac personally may not enjoy Kingdom Death, I will still give Frosthaven both my support and a future session on my game table!




Here is the link to their campaign!

Update News

Our update will be next week, just awaiting a few more illustrations! It will include a major progress report on the showdown board, among many other things! Thank you so so so much for your understanding and pertinence during this very... different times. Oh and we will be posting a little sale shortly! Thanks! I wish everyone the best!

Black Friday 2019
about 2 years ago – Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 01:33:03 AM

We are hard at work on wave 3 rewards. Thank you for your patience!

In our August update, I delayed the project by 1 year to fully realize the content of the Gambler’s Chest and Campaigns of Death. In September, we finalized the project scope creep. We reorganized responsibilities at the company so that I could give the project my full power.

In our last update (October 15th), I posted a preview of the encounter system. Since then, I have continued work escalation on the Gambler’s Chest and Campaigns of Death content. Removing and or delegating other tasks that have tried to get in the way!

This Black Friday, I am happy with my progress, and I am over the moon excited to finish it and deliver it to all of you! I promised to give this my all, and I will be doing just that. We have reorganized the office, and I am no longer entombed in noisy (and distracting) 3D printers.

Usually, at this point in time each year, I am already days deep on a heartfelt manifesto, weighing pros and cons before throwing caution the to wind and going all out. I am aware that the update insanity has become a part of the KD brand. I will save some of that “classic” Kingdom Death experience for Wave 4. For now, I will stay a mostly reasonable human and pour my excitement into monster programming for the Gambler, the Godhand, and the King!!!

Hard Plastic

Some of the new models we debuted in our August update are already tooled in hard plastic and finished!


Many other Miniatures have been cut and are waiting their turn for tooling! Here is a peak at the spec sheets and part sheets that we create internally to track each model thru the manufacturing process.

Pinups of Death III, IV, V

All of the plastic models for the pinups of death have been completed! We are working on finalizing their packaging and small included content (similar to pinups of death I). My hope is still to get these shipped out before the rest of wave 3. Here is a small sample of what you might find in a collection, hidden amidst all the pinup miniatures and artwork!

Legendary Card Pack

We have decided on what exactly is going into this card pack! The Legendary Card pack will be available thru our website in early 2020. The cost will be its shipping fee to you.

To clear things up, this card pack will not include:

  • The new rules for the False Messengers or Promos of Death (Paul & Aya), which is still under development for wave 4. 
  • Pinups of Death II collection content. This is similar to the Content included in the Pinups of Death I collection (belt of gender swap).
  • In addition, if we ever make a new release with newly developed content for Snow the Savior, Twilight Knight, Candy & Cola or Kara Black. 

To honor our commitment, once the mentioned content above is complete, these gameplay assets will be available via our store for fans that already have those models. At the cost of shipping to you.

This card pack will include

  •  Critical Card Fixes - Resin Ball Shot, DBK Data Card, Tyrant Data Card, Lonely Tree Data Card, Final Lantern, White Lion Cub, Life String. (Please let me know if I am missing anything!)
  •  Honoring Plastic from 2013 - Rules from the White Box releases of the, White Speaker, Beyond the Wall and Allison the Twilight Knight (6 Gear Cards, 2 Stickers) and the Story in the Snow settlement event card.
  •  Update from 1.5 to 1.6 - While we are already printing cards, we figured we might as well sneak a small game update into the mix. Please expect an Antelope Nerf, Villain Role Card, Stage Terrain Card, Lantern keyword added to Lantern Halberd, reworked Sonic Tomahawks and more!

The Gamblers Chest.

First and foremost, thank you very much! The choice to delay (August Update) was extremely difficult, adding both time and expense to an already massive project. I accept that my choice was selfish and was more about creation then sense. I wanted to chase the dream and I feel that, as fans, bakcers and backers you have given me that opportunity time and time again. I am humbled and honored. And the best way I can show my thanks, is by giving this content everything I've got!

So far the campaign is shaping up well! The background story is complete, to be filtered thru survivors perspectives as an experience of course (show not tell). My internal mechanical roadmap is nearly complete, monsters are being designed, tests are being played, over powered gear is being created, op gear is then being nerfed, philosophies are being adpoted, knowledge is being earned and lost, art assets are being ordered, a timeline is taking form annddd... we've got the campaign structure that jives merrily within our strain campaign system! 

The Encounter Update
about 2 years ago – Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 02:57:30 AM

Hello! Thank you for your extended patience! 

I am quite pleased about how everything turned out and despite a few assets not being 100% final, this is still a great time to share. I'll get right to it!


The development of the Encounter system was very long winded.  I handed my original notes off to one of our designers and they diligently crafted version after version of the experience. After seven versions and a lot of great feedback from our play test table, we determined a few critical notes.

  • Flavor wise, it felt like fighting tribal survivors.
  • It needed to be non-lethal so that it would’t mess up the hunt.
  • It was boring if it took too long.

We often design in the office by passing work along, with the final stop being myself or Anna. Having participated in many of the play test sessions and being the director over the major iterations that were created, I took it up to finish the system.

To me it felt very… expected, bone eaters with clubs going “smash”. And the system as it was, was fair to players and snappy at the cost of it being too easy.

To be honest, I didn’t like it.

Building on all of our hard work and feedback, I decided to address the critical notes with the following:

  • Deep dive reimagining the Bone Eaters and how their success with superior physical forms would change how they develop and hunt.
  • Embrace lethality!
  • Focus the design on the mass murder simulation that group combat truly is, adding highlights for the players to learn about the encounter monster via direct experience.

Encounter System V9

The Encounter system is a battle that takes place during the hunt event. The survivors have been found or stumbled across something that wants them dead! Instead of resolving the event with a table, the encounter system allows me to creatively explore the moment in greater detail and share more Kingdom Death. Mostly death, with all of you!

The current version of the Encounter system and the one that will most likely be part of the Gambler’s Chest is it’s ninth incarnation. It’s the best version so far and it’s got me pretty jazzed about reproaching the designs of the other encounter monsters promised this campaign! (Trapdoor Men, Doodlies, etc)

The Vitals

Encounter monsters are not the intended target the survivors have formed a death pact to hunt down. Nor do they show up at the settlements front door (or pile of corpses they use for a door).  Instead, encounter monsters find the survivors during the hunt phase. It was important for us to create assets that supported this distinction.

It's also the first time we've had artwork that has so many "monsters" in it at once!


The organization of the encounter system is paramount. I wanted to ensure that it is an additive experience to the hunt phase. The organization, in this case, influenced the overall design. So much so, that I wanted to separate some of those assets into its own presentation here.

Bone Eater Miniatures

Shall we talk about the miniatures next?

I still can't decide which faces to make final! I LOVE THEN ALL SO MUCH!

Maybe I'll just add them to the sprue and let you decide which ones to use.

At this point I am wondering how many of you have spotted a sneaky secret that made it into some of the photos. 

On each of the Encounter Monster base, is a slot for a life tracking (and sometimes special status) die! I wanna make sure they are snug so when you move the model around the die wont just come tumbling out. This is such a tiny thing, but it's totally one of those, always wished for,  as a kid, playing other games late into the night and early into the morning features!

Smog Stalkers

We have the hard plastic for other Encounter Monster thats included in the Gambler's Chest, in hand! 

Hard Plastic Atnas

We also have the hard plastic Atnas in hand!!!!!!

Atnas was the hardest monster (so far!) to realize conceptually. Maybe Xmas I'll take everyone through all the versions that hit the cutting room floor and show how Nat Kay Cochran and I, took Lokmans perfect atnas face and finally turned it into concept art that could be transformed into a wonderfully unsettling sculpture.

Thank you team

I wanted to thank everyone on the team for being extra supportive and really pushing in these last few months. I know its your profession and all that, but I really honestly appreciate you helping to make these ideas into reality. Maybe I am shit at letting you know in person. And hopefully by now you know I am not much for leading group meetings. BUT I CAN CERTAINLY GET ON THE INTERNET AND EMBARASS MYSELF FOR YOUR BEHALF! 

So a big giant THANK YOU. I wouldn't want to work on this with anyone else. 


Oh and Jonah, I am totally gonna add the most ridicules Bone Eater face to the set. I don't even care if I am the only one that uses it!

See you in all in November!