Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5

Created by Kingdom Death

A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

I Delayed the Production of KDM 1.5
over 4 years ago – Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 01:29:06 AM

I have delayed the production of Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 to make the following changes:

  • The Showdown board is now shrink wrapped.
  • The Monster Control Panel is now packed within the folded Showdown board.
  • Shipping box upgraded to Heavy Duty Triple Ply.
  • Shipping box includes foam around the edges of the game.

Estimated fulfillment date is now end of September / Early October.
(Originally end of August.)



I had talked about rolling delays due to the sheer size of our campaign back in Update 35.

"Shipping Delays Due to the size of our campaign and the staggering amount of content presented. There is a very real possibility we will see delays to the estimated shipping dates. Right now, it’s looking like everything will be pushed back 1-3 months. I won’t know until the campaign has ended and pledges are confirmed, so I know how many more core games we need to produce! (Don’t worry the ball is already rolling on this, but I do need to manage expectations.)"

The choice to shrink wrap every game board was mine and thus the delay is 100% on me. If your at Gencon this week, come by to talk to me directly! 

Gencon - Booth #3003


We will be at gencon booth #3003. In the same dark corner we were at last year. We'll have some copies of KD 1.5 and the Update pack on display, so please come on by and check it out!

We will also have many miniature prototypes on display and a sort of challenge-demo with a level 3 Dung Beetle Knight that kills you before you can really see any of the new 1.5 stuff!

KDM 1.5 Pre-Orders - 25% off Retail

We will be accepting pre-orders for Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 at our booth at a discounted rate. These orders will be shipped directly following backer fulfillment.

Last Copies of KDM

We scrounged every warehouse and have collected our very last of the Kingdom Death: Monster inventory. We will be selling these at full price during the show. When you buy it, we'll take down some information from you because... we'll be sending you the 1.5 upgrade pack for free! (These will ship with pre-orders.)

Anyways, come by our booth and check us out!

Painting Contest 

Ah yes, honestly I've just been too busy to make the final announcements and award the winners! Ack! Don't worry we've hired someone to help me with community endeavors in the future. We will announce the winners and maybe even set up a new contest after we return from gencon.

Pathfinders of Death Sculpting Update + Paizo Kingmaker Kickstarter + Early WIP of the Gambler!
over 4 years ago – Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 01:05:00 AM

Just a quick little update today. Just got back from a week off and nearly missed the end of the Pathfinder Kingmaker Campaign, which ends in about 6 hours!

Here is a quick look at our Pathfinders of Death! 


Kingmaker is arguably one of the most beloved Pathfinder Adventure path and the campaign is to fund an isometric rpg (Baulder's Gate inspired) video game version of it. 

I wanted to link you guys to their campaign, as another way to show my appreciation for lending us their iconic characters for the KD Pathfinders of Death. Paizo, thank you. I wish you the best of luck in the last few hours of your campaign! 

The Gambler

This is turning into one pretty crazy project! Here are some early WIP shots to show you some of the steps Jacques-Alexandre is taking while working on it.





Dragon Goblin Armor Concept Art


Oh and a nice little pixel animation:


! Until next time! 

Production Update! Twilight Knight Crossover! Sculpting Update! Development Update!
over 4 years ago – Sat, May 27, 2017 at 12:07:14 AM

 Happy Memorial Day Weekend! (to ourselves and our fellow USA backers and fans!)

KDM 1.5 Production Update

Estimated Wave 1 Fulfillment Start: End of August 2017. 

Plastic production for the core game and update pack was finished as of April 2017 and we have approved the paper assets for production!

And one more, showing off the box a little more!

Possessed Twilight Knight : Oracale of Nozuki
As part of our deal with Sodapop (For Lantern year 3 Candy), we have our Pinup Twilight Knight crossing over into the Relic Knights universe in a unique way. I love projects like this, as it gives me an excuse to work on something a little different from the norm and collaborate with other studios. It was super fun to put this one together! Oh and the KD team is handling her sculpture, as well as the art. Sodapop / Ninja Division will be handling her manufacturing, and game content for the Relic Knights system. She will not include any KD game content.

You can get it here! Relic Knights Pledge Manager
*Please note that you will need to pledge for other Relic Knights items, they are not offering her solo.

Base Inserts

A lot of you have reached out to me requesting that the base insert packs be added to wave 1 fulfillment. I wanted to let you know that I am trying my best to accommodate what SEEMS like a pretty simple request. Please understand that all the timetables are pretty tight and it is likely I won't be able to do this. I am trying tho!


Right now production of the plastic components are underway and I am lining up the schedule so that we can fulfill these for the holidays of 2017. I do not have any dates from the manufacturer yet, but since its a straight reprint, it SIGNIFICANTLY reduces turn around time. So take that date 

Card Pack
Ah yes. The ever-elusive card pack! I have slatted this to be available around Jan 2018. If possible I'd like to move it up to coincide with Wave 2 for the holidays. The plan is to sell this via our web store, it will not be available thru backer kit.


We will be attending Gencon 2017 as exhibitors! Our Booth will be in the same location as last year and in fact, we got a little bit bigger!

New Developments

Personally I have been hard at work on the content for advanced Kingdom Death monster. The philosophy system has already been thru a host of alpha's and we are looking to start actively testing it's first prototype somewhere in June. It has been extremely satisfying to comb back thru everything and to embellish on the settlements growth via survivor development. The system is leaning more towards survivor's learning and contributing so the curve of powerful survivor's being developed is more in line with the escalation of the game and less of a random development.

Lion God Expansion, Expansion  - Silver City
Dungeon romp replaces the hunt phase. Currently have the Lost Knight up and running on the showdown board, but we are going back in and incorporating it's fight experience more into the dungeon delving element of the game.

Inverted Mountain
We are developing all the monsters for the Inverted Mountain campaign at the same time, so we can ensure that its the best campaign arc yet. Insanity is going to play a major role, with certain disorders being prerequisites to innovations, fighting arts and sometimes gear! Anna has been heading this up, here are some words directly from her!

"The Inverted Mountain campaign tells the story of a new kind of settlement. Waking in a teeming swamp, the survivors gaze up at a sickening light dawning over the summit of the Inverted Mountain that looms above. In this campaign, humans must do more than survive, they must ascend.

The strange light bathes the settlement, filling the soggy survivors' minds with strange urges. Called by the ever-present compulsion to climb the mountain, the survivors will need to harness the hallucinatory swamp. brain-altering parasites, and freakish delusions to develop a civilization with a single minded purpose.

The Inverted Mountain campaign uses Monster's massive rules to create a new settlement cycle. Innovations that reflect a different environment and survivor adaptations. New relationships between insanity, disorders, and new instincts for survivors to follow."


Here is the Pariah all cleaned up!


The Apotheosis Pinup went under more heavy tweaking. So much of the detail was lost in the scan, I saw an opportunity for improvements and well, I couldn't resist taking the extra time! I'd say this was more of a scan clean up remastering? 



Oblivion Mosquito

The Oblivion Mosquito hand sculpture is finished!


We have also been hard at working making basic blackouts of all the armor! Once finished this will be used as a starting point for their "narrative" versions.

Lantern Year 3 Candy & Cola
Well, we couldn't have the Possessed Twilight Knight soda pop crossover without mentioning the other side of the arrangement!

In the Community:
(via Clark)

"Twist Gaming: Josh, Anna, Nicole, Matt and Aaron have partnered up with Twitch to bring you live play and commentary on a ton of games. They’ve been covering KDM pretty much since it came out so it’s great to see their success with their stream every tuesday they buckle in for a couple years of Kingdom Death. And they let you play along too. Through using a system of votes and automated rolls the views control one of the survivors! It’s super entertaining and sometimes Barash or I pop on for a session.

Instagrams worth a look:

@CraftworldStudio Has posted this iridescent Dung Beetle Knight! Well done right?! That armor looks great and the light effect on the pauldrons really bring the DBK to life.

@Mizugiwanohito Really slick Easter Knight I’m digging the greys here. A muted vision of the model but not diminished by the palette the painter chose.

@HMpaintworkshop is always cooking up some amazing projects. One of the great things about this painter is that they often show their progress so you get a real idea of their progress."



I'd also like to do a quick call out to @ShoshiesMinis whom has been painting up some awesome KD stuff to share on her twitter.


Also, the tablelords KD series is awesome!!

Oh! and here is the better half of the conviction romantic pair!




Pledge Manager Closes March 23rd (9 days from now!)
over 4 years ago – Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 10:38:43 PM


The pledge manager is closing March 23rd at 1PM EST.

Everyone will be charged for any extra add-ons they have made via backerkit starting then. Backers that have failed to fill out their survey run the risk of forfeiting their pledge. It is essential that all survey's are complete so we can lock in production numbers.

The pledge manager will reopen before wave 1 ships to collect your wave 1 shipping fee. I have yet to decide if backers will have the opportunity to pledge for more content when we reopen it. Please do not expect it.

Leftover credit in backerkit can be used to pay for your upcomming shipping fee's.

We cannot refund additional / left over backerkit credit at this time.

If you have any issues, please head over to our support page:

Support related messages that come thru via kickstarter have a high chance of being missed, do not seek help through it. I don't want to miss your messages! We want to help you!

What happens if I don't fill out backerkit? 

There is no longer a guarantee that some or all of your rewards will be delivered to you. Instead we might only be able to offer a refund with at least 10% removed to cover our non-recoverable fee's. (Kickstarter, Stripe, Backerkit, Production Fee's etc...) You MUST finalize your pledge otherwise we will have inaccurate production numbers. We cannot give backers with forfeited pledges production units that have been allocated to our retail release. I am begging you, please finalize your pledge.

Late Backers that fail to complete their pledge will simply be removed from our system.

I apologize but I do not have much flexibility room here. I cannot simply order "enough" and hope people finalize their pledges in a timely fashion. The project is very large and to ensure that everything goes smoothly I must be strict.

We will of course, always do everything we can to accommodate people with special circumstances. Please reach out via our support page, not kickstarter.

This is a very critical update, hence I have decided to wait on actual content progress and risk distracting all the important information above.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

Ah... well I can't really leave the update without anything fun. Here is a 1/8th scale Cockroach Queen! 


Happy Valentines Day! First batch of Pledge Manger invites, Pinup Manhunter, Pinups of Death 3 4 & 5, And some Progress!
almost 5 years ago – Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 11:08:51 PM

Happy Valentines day!

We have opened the pledge manager up to the first batch of 1,000 people! Invites will be sent out shortly! Provided everything is looking good, we will continue to invite more backers everyday!

We have started to collect email address for Late Backers. We will invite late backers into the fray after all the backers are settled. 

As of writing this, I am planning on keeping the pledge manager open for a month. If there is anything you missed, now is the ideal time adjust your pledge! Depending on how long it takes to get everyone invited and whatever bugs come up might effect how long I keep the pledge manager open.

Man Hunter Pinups!

I have not forgotten! We just didn’t quite make it in time during the campaign. Here is the female incarnation and I am happy to report that Hamlet Machine is working on the male version!

You can add these to your pledge via the pledge manager.

Pinups of Death, 3, 4 and 5
I have decided to create 3 new collections based on the pinups we kickstarted together. Pledge levels that have all the “new” pinups, will be getting all 3 of these collections. The collections will include lux packaging, large art prints of each pinup and a tiny bit of game content that I am still working on. (Very much like our original Pinups of Death, which includes the Strange Spot Settlement event and Belt of Gender Swap).

Pinups as single releases will include a character card, simple packaging and of course the miniature!

Fulfillment services charge per “pick” when they are packing an order. So if you had 27 pinups in your order, they would charge you +$27 on top of the shipping label fee! By making collections we greatly reduce the number of picks and make shipping much cheaper for you guys. To incentivize you more, there is also a bit of savings for grabbing a collection vs getting the pinups a la carte. Like $15-$30 off depending on the model count in the collection.

Ah, just because I Know someone will ask, pledge levels that are getting all the “new” pinups cannot opt to have all the pinups as single releases instead of the collections. Sorry, thats pure madness and it will make my head explode. Seriously. If this is a deal breaker for you, let me know. But I am still not going to change it! Were about to deal with around 20,000 backers and I have to be inflexible here and there. I extend my personal apologies for whatever unique exception you might have. 

Last month has been all about 1.5. Copy editors, final play testing, tweaking, minor turning of knobs here and there. It’s been fun and now that we are on the edge of the print deadline it’s gotten a bit hectic! 

The game has gotten slightly easier in some places, giving players more room for play variety. Survival of the Fittest being viable and not just for the crazed (me) has produced some very cool player data! The Nerf to the Saviors was really needed, too many campaigns ended with a handful of them just blasting everything apart. Which removes the tension and strategy even if it was fun to Slam Dunk the Watcher. 

Saviors live much longer now and as you use their unique power, they age. It’s proven to be more fun, as their abilities are handy in a pinch! However, they are far less powerful, cannot be ageless and a settlement can only have 1 at a time.

We had a play testing group that was playing with shared wisdom incorrectly, but we really liked how it turned out! Now all you need is Language to benefit from the locations new special rule. Meaning you can spend endeavors to give noob survivors hunt xp as early as Lantern Year 1. The change feels great and is a nice alternative to just playing with guts.

Thomas David has started to sculpt the Oblivion Mosquito! Here are some are some early photos from his work bench:



Otherwise the sculpting team has been mostly focusing on pinups, as they are easier for me to direct while putting the other 95% of my time into meeting the 1.5 print deadline. Here is a quick render of the Pinup Pond Scum Armor, with some water effects!

Here is a little teaser of a story event you can trigger during the Showdown with the Gold Smoke Knight!

Armor Kit Painting Contest

We have a few outstanding corrections we need to make, don’t worry this has not been forgotten! Just sorta put on the back burner while we get 1.5 off to the printer.


We are also launching our Valentines day sale on our web store. If you are interested in some of our resin miniatures please have a look! Thanks!